Our Clients

Beverley – Bev sadly lost her husband but had been saving hard to prepare for his care. She had 27 different savings accounts as she squirrelled money away to look after him. We met as she wanted to know if she could give her children some money and over the period of the last 8 years we have got her down to 6 accounts, eliminated her Inheritance Tax bill, and demonstrated that she can comfortably afford a good life. She has set aside funds to give money to her children and give her grandchildren a good start in their adult life but most importantly since we met she has gained the confidence to go on holiday. So far she has been to Ireland, Rome, Turkey, Iceland, Norway, South Africa, Grand Canyon, Canada & Alaska. Trips lined up include Cambodia and Vietnam and our meetings are based on what holidays she has got lined up for the future and we push her hard to spend her money while she can.

Guy & Julie – Recently early retired, Guy was thinking that he was going to need to get a job as his pension income was going to be much lower than he was used to and Julie was doing 3 jobs which she was not enjoying. We put together a plan which showed that Guy didn’t need to rush out and get a job but had time to set up his own business consultancy and that Julie could leave all of her jobs and they would still be OK. It turns out that they could now work and develop the business together, while Julie kept the elements of her jobs that she loved and could lose the bits she didn’t. We took the pressure away by listening to what they wanted to do and gave them the confidence to go and do it. Life is so much more enjoyable now.

Steve & Caroline – Steve has been a client since 1988. We have arranged numerous mortgages for him over the years, watched his children grow into young adults, helped him set up the necessary support around his new business venture and helped with the claims for cancer that he was recently diagnosed with, thankfully not life threatening. The cover we had in place meant he could move to a beautiful house in the country with the possibility of no mortgage, but due to the incredibly low rate we got them it made so much more sense to invest the money in a low risk, tax efficient environment, knowing that it can be repaid to them at any time if interest rates increase too much.

Jackie – Jackie was left with a young daughter after her boyfriend sadly committed suicide. The life assurance policies we had in place had technically lapsed, but we worked hard with both insurance companies to pay out the cover, even taking one all the way to the Financial Ombudsman. Jackie now lives in a mortgage free property in Somerset having moved away from the sad memories. We were there to support her decisions and provide her with the confidence to move on with her life.


Sheila – “Over the years, Doug has always given good advice personalised to my needs. He is my trusted advisor in this field. I would recommend him to anyone considering seeking financial advice.”

Karen – “Doug has known my family and me for several years and helped with many aspects of our financial planning from mortgages to pensions, and from budgets to savings. I would recommend him without hesitation for his excellent work, patience, reliability and support.”

Kelly – “Doug has been my Financial Advisor for the past 5 years. He is conscientious, reliable and extremely accommodating. I work in London and find it hard to be home before 19:00 and Doug was able to fit his schedule around mine. I bombarded Doug with phone call and emails during my recent house move, he answered all communications within a short time frame and made my move hassle free. Sometimes I did not understand the wording or terminology from the solicitors but could always count on Doug to explain it to me in simple terms. I thoroughly recommend Doug and a majority of my family and friends now use his services.”

Jeremy – “We have used Doug as a Financial Advisor over the course of several years now. Doug came to us by recommendation and we have in turn recommended him to other friends and colleagues. We have found Doug’s services to be of an excellent standard, with a very in-depth knowledge of his subject as well as being flexible and reliable in his approach to meeting clients’ needs.”

Steve – “Doug has given me excellent financial advice for over 20 years. Initially setting up my first mortgage, he has supported my decision making through numerous house moves and remortgages, as well as giving investment and pension advice. It is clear that Doug looks to build a long term relationship over short term personal gain and it is for this reason I would like to personally endorse his services to you.”


DB Financial is an Appointed Representative of Personal Touch Financial Services Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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