Our Christmas message to you from all of us at DB Financial

At DB Financial, we believe that everyone needs to know where they are heading financially.

– What do you actually want to do in life?

– How much do you need to earn, save or sell your business for, to achieve what you want?

– How will your expenses change over time?

– How much can you afford to spend or give away?

– How much is enough? What is ‘your number’ – the sum that will provide the life you want without fear of ever running out of money?

Financial Planning Tools and Software

Our sophisticated financial planning software helps us to answer these questions for you. Using prudent assumptions we map your financial future in detail and show you options for the goals you set.

Once we both understand your ‘big picture’ we move on to detailed financial planning. We analyse cash flows, create an investment strategy, maximise tax advantages, ensure your family is protected – familiar tasks, but the difference is, now they’re all co-ordinated and geared to a detailed, tailored and totally personal plan, designed for you and you alone. The missing piece to the jigsaw

We call this REAL wealth management.

Long-term Financial Planning

Sometimes it’s a matter of fine-tuning your existing arrangements to ensure that you reach your number at the time you want. At other times it’s a case of let’s start from here, with fundamental long-term plans that get you to where you want to be over the longer term. Your situation can have recently changed, or you might find yourself in one of the key moments in life where it pays to get professional financial advice.

Wherever you are in your journey to financial independence, we will work out what’s best for you and show you how to reach your goal. Then we’ll monitor your plans over time, to help give you the best chance to ensure your financial and wider life goals are reached.

Set Up Your Financial Plans

To get started, we recommend contacting DB Financial to have the first conversations about your financial future. Call us on 01293 889377 for a no obligation conversation today.

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